Platforms and apps have different advantages in the new era.
As banks founder, next week's Fed meeting looms.
Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro are all the rage, and Weight Watchers is in.
Both reported earnings this week. They moved in opposite directions.

February 2023

After Walmart, Home Depot, TJX and others report, there's fresh data.
Stocks that looked ugly in 2022 have had chart makeovers.
Google stock slid this week after Microsoft threw down the AI gauntlet.
The stock surged. But will Apple, Amazon and Google mean more?

January 2023

The FTC wants to give workers more leverage. Is that good or bad for the economy?
Cooling inflation should be good for stocks. Weak earnings would be bad.
Job cuts are rocking the tech industry, but their impact on stocks isn't clear yet.

December 2022

Hipgnosis Songs Capital is reportedly near a deal for Bieber's songbook.